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Our New Home!  Bearfort Shopping Village

North Jersey Guitar New Location.jpg

“We are beyond excited for this move into this perfect location. Heading into our 15th year in business I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. We wanted a spacious, comfortable, relaxing environment for our students and customers and we were able to achieve just that. Since we offer lessons for guitar, piano, drums, voice, and many other instruments it was important to have plenty of fully equipped, state-of-the-art lesson studios to satisfy our needs. Today, as I look around, I’m overjoyed that our new facility will be able to accommodate the growing musical ambitions of our rapidly expanding body of students. We want this to be a place where our students can thrive and truly enjoy all the amazing benefits music has to offer. We also want this to be a cultural hub for our community so we look forward to hosting lots of events, workshops, and live music in the future.” -Shawn Reams, owner/director

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